Swing and Shag Competition!

The USA Grand National Dance Competition is happening in Atlanta within the next few months. If Lee Briggs did great job teaching you shag and swing dancing, maybe you would like to showcase your skill this May? This is a competition for all dance levels and a variety of ages, so there is definitely a spot for you.

Why not put what you’ve learned in your Ballroom dancing classes to use by having some fun in Atlanta. It’s also a great idea for a mini getaway from the ordinary for you and your dancing partner. The competition starts May 24th and last through May 28th. During the weekend you’ll be absorbed with the multiple dance workshops, Ice cream socials, dinners and of course competitions. They even have times open for social dancing. It honestly sounds like a lot of fun even if you don’t dance. Check out their website for more information.

If you have the skill but aren’t much for showing off, this is event is still something you should consider. You could learn a few new steps and meet some really interesting people. The professional swing and shag dance competitions should be quite the spectacle. This is one way to re-energize that dancing passion within you. When you get home from an event like this you might crave for more; that’s why Continuing Education is happy to remind you that Lee Briggs will have more Ballroom dance classes coming up soon. For registration information visit www.ColumbusState.edu/CE or call 706.507.8070.

-Kindra Hunter


Swing Dance to A Super Summer

This summer, why not enjoy learning something new and exciting? Swing Dancing offers several different styles while keeping the dancer active and engaged. Swing dancing is very much tied with the music and can be a blast to learn. For more on Swing, check out this article about the origins of Swing Dancing.