Pedro Becomes Cupid for Valentine’s Day

Pedro’s Latin dance class was really heating up when I stopped by for a visit the other day. It was really nice to see smiles on all of the couple’s faces as they tried to imitate the direction Pedro was giving them. As I snapped a few pictures, I could really see the genuine fun these couples were having. It wasn’t about getting the moves right on the first try or being the best in the dance class; it was about excitement of learning something new with each other.  In a way, Pedro kind of seemed like cupid to me as he was able to encourage couples to draw close to one another and add that zest to their relationship.

Pedro makes his beginners class very comfortable by taking his time to show every detail in the steps. First, he demonstrates the steps piece by piece without the music so you can focus. After a few repetitions, along with smashed toes and giggles, he blasts the spicy Latin music and everyone attempts to dance to the beat. It seems a lot easier once the music starts playing. The catchy rhythms naturally make you want to move.

Unless you already know how to Salsa or Merengue, there really isn’t a reason you and your loved one shouldn’t give this class a try some day. Dancing is a great way to let loose and have some fun. At the end of the day it’s about the time you shared together and the memories you make. It can be refreshing to travel off the beaten path in life by doing something that you two would normally never try.

Classes are starting again very soon! If you want to show your partner how much fun and unpredictably romantic you can be, this is one way to do it. Sign up for classes now at, or call us at 706.507.8070.

-Kindra Hunter

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