Give a Valentine’s Day Gift that Says “I Love You”

Valentine’s Day is a day meant for celebrating love. Every year couples want to show their appreciation for each other through gifts or special gestures. Although we want to show our love, we can have a difficult time trying to figure out what to get for our significant other. I have this problem every year when I try to find a gift for my husband. What does he really want? I assume men have the same question when it comes to women. So for all you guys who don’t know what to get their lovely lady for Valentine’s Day look no further. Latin Dancing with Pedro is one perfect way to say I love you.

What this says to a woman:

  1.  You actually want to spend quality time with them.
  2.  You enjoy learning new things with them.
  3.  You took the time to be creative with your gift choice, which leaves us feeling even more special.
  4.  Because Latin dancing is very sensual in nature, it shows that you desire passion in your relationship.
  5.  Numbers 1-4 equal “I Love You”

These topics should be big point earners. Women want to feel special, and giving a gift that can say all these things will definitely make this an amazing Valentine’s Day for you both! Give the gift of love by learning to dance with your loved one. We also have a variety of other great valentines day options like Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theatre on February 16th. Be sure to take a look at our web site.

If you are interested in going the creative/unpredictable route this Valentine’s make sure to visit, or call 706.507.8070 for class registration.


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