Dancing Feet are Happy Feet

Do you remember the old movies with tap dancing scenes? I use to love watching Shirley Temple tap dance. There was something so interesting about watching her curls bounce around while she energetically tapped to the beat of the song. It made me want to get up and dance too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t nearly as good as Shirley. If you’ve ever felt this way, you now have the chance to learn to tap dance.

Jordan McDonald is our tap dance instructor at the Rankin Arts Center for Continuing Education, and she has a class coming up soon. Jordan has tap been dancing since the age of 3, and is still tapping away today. According to Jordan, “Tap dance is a great work out for mind and body.” It is true that, on average, you can burn you can burn 315 calories from 1 hour of tap dancing. This varies depending on your weight, gender, and the intensity of your movement. Then, once you learn the basics, you get to add to the music with supplemental rhythms. “Although, it is more sound heavy versus visual, it’s still an amazing art to watch” says Jordan.

Be able to re-enact the tap dancing scenes from your favorite oldie flick. Come visit Jordan as she teaches Adult Tap, and learn some cool steps to show your loved ones. How many people can say that they actually know how to tap dance? I don’t know that many people who do, so give your feet something to be proud of. For more information visit us at ColumbusState.edu/CE or call 706.507.8070.

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