Impress Your Lady by Suggesting Dance Classes

Women have always been known to rave about romance, and dancing is one of the most romantic things a guy can do. Why do you think women love to watch the movie Dirty Dancing? Dancing creates an environment where you can let loose, move your body to the rhythm and let the passion flow. We have all seen it on movies and on TV, but I believe that secretly all women wish they could be that woman dancing the night away with the one we love.

The real issue is a lot of men avoid activities like this. Maybe it’s because they want to be viewed as a man’s man. I wish I could figure that one out because I just don’t get it. A guy can still take a woman out dancing and then go home and eat his beef jerky. There is nothing wrong with showing the soft side every now and then. Guy’s friends can be a bummer too especially when they are too critical about romance. They are probably upset because they don’t have anyone to go out with. Even if they did have someone, they might be upset because that idea was way better than what they could have come up with.

The truth is there is nothing more amazing than a man that can come up with his own romantic gestures. Men, this is just my opinion, but if you have someone special in your life, maybe you should think about taking them out to learn how to dance. Not sure if she will think it’s a good idea? Well, more than likely you should still offer it. I’m certain that she’ll love the idea more than you think! It’s like thinking that you shouldn’t give her flowers because it’s cliché; women absolutely love getting flowers no matter how cliché it may seem.  For more information on dance classes call 706.507.8070 or visit

-Kindra Hunter


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