So what is the “Hotlanta Dance Challenge”?

Ballroom dancing can be captivating to watch and exhilarating too. If you have attended Lee Brigg’s Ballroom dancing class you know exactly what I’m talking about. Once you have fallen in love with the art of dance there is no falling out, and if you have fallen in love, you will probably be interested in hearing more about the Hotlanta Dance Challenge: Mount Olympus and the Legend of the Greek Gods in Atlanta, Ga. The competition will last for 3 days during October 13-15, 2011. To learn more, visit their website:

If you’ve gained some serious dancing moves in our Ballroom dancing classes, you should think about competing. Don’t keep all that passionate rhythm inside you, put on a show! Check out the entry forms on the main page of the website. There are varying dance levels in this competition, so depending on your skill you can determine which category you will want to register for.

If you are learning to dance or are only interested in watching the competition, you can purchase admission tickets. There are package deals available as well, which include admission, dinner and special gifts. You can choose to go for the entire 3 days or just for one night. This also happens to be a great idea for a romantic getaway, it’s less money than a full blown vacation and it is much closer to home.

After attending an event like this, I would imagine that you might be inspired to take up dancing, and if you dance already, you’ll probably be motivated to take your dancing to the next level. If so, Ballroom 101 and Ballroom, Beyond the Basics is starting this September. Visit to register.

-Kindra Hunter


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