Keep Your Dancing Feet Happy

If you are currently taking a dance class here at Continuing Education or if you just have a love for high heels, your feet are probably hurting at the end of the night. Although having fun dancing the night away makes the pain worth it, wouldn’t it be great to know a couple of ways to prevent and treat sore feet? I’ll go over a few tips of my own, from friends and online!

Prevention is the best way to keep your feet feeling fine. Typically, different heels have different problem areas, anywhere from rubbing your heel to squishing your toes. My favorite pair of heels rub against my toes, so what I tend to do is put my shoe on, pin point the spot where it rubs my skin and place a band-aid there. These are open toe heels and the rest of my foot is covered, so I am able to hide my goofy band-aid. The same can be done when your high heels rub the back of your heels. It’s also nice to have a variety of band-aid shapes and sizes so you can easily hide it depending on the shoes you wear that day.

High heel inserts are another great way to help alleviate the pain. These are some I’ve found online:

Insolia from Amazon $16.97

Back of heel cushions and tip toe cushions by Foot Petals from $6.95

If avoiding the pain isn’t working then there are ways to help ease it once the day is over. Think about taking the time to treat yourself by buying foot lotion and giving your feet a nice massage. Also, I discovered on’s health section that alternating your feet every couple of seconds between a hot and cold foot bath for 15 minutes will help take away foot pain. Wearing high heels with more of a platform will help keep your feet and ankles stable, compared to skinnier heels with less material. The height of the heel makes a huge difference as well, so you might want to find something with a shorter heel for more comfort. I wonder if some of this stuff helps to alleviate the pain of toe shoes too.

Hope these simple tips will help you pick up the pace in Pedro’s Hot Latin Nights in Dance class or just around town!

-Kindra Hunter


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