It Takes Two to Tango

Do you find yourself thinking that you don’t have any natural dance ability? Is your rhythm sorely lacking? If you are athletic, musically talented, or have a personality that makes the world sit up and take notice, you have the potential to become a great dancer. The Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center for Continuing Education offers Ballroom dancing to benefit everyone!

Embracing your talent on the dance floor adds a lot of fun and a better fitness benefit to ballroom dancing for you and your partner. The best part about ballroom dance is that someone lacking in one area while dancing can really benefit from the ability of their partner. Most importantly, partners learn from each other which will improve dance skills dramatically by the end of a class session. Instructor Lee Briggs has noticed, “As dancers develop all of these attributes, they become sought after as dance partners and often are greatly admired.” This is why dance partners who have worked together for awhile often become regular performers in a community. For example, a dance student who studied under Lee Briggs won “Dancing with the Columbus Stars” in 2009.  A more recent success story involves a student couple who performed on stage during the Columbus Symphony’s recent “Valentango” as winners of the tango contest held during the Rivertown New Years Eve Ball.

Be part of an exhilarating dance experience where you can meet people who are having just as much fun as you are! Learn new and exciting ballroom dance techniques with your dance partner. Lee Briggs, ballroom dance instructor says, “The partnership element is really interesting for couples, whether single or committed partners.” So whether you are single or married, bring a partner out to the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center for Continuing Education and enjoy learning a new style of ballroom dance.

If you are interested in “Ballroom Dancing” or other Continuing Education classes go online to or call 706.507.8070

— Jasmine Jones

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