Dance Your Way to a Healthier You

If you haven’t heard about the Columbus Regional Spirit of Women and corresponding Day of Dance yet, let me be the one to fill you in. The Day of Dance is an exciting event with a variety of dance performances that was hosted in 2011 by Columbus Regional Hospital. The idea for this event was inspired by the need to get people physically active in order to live a healthier life. Heart Disease, the leading cause of death in women, is the main focus. In order to show their concern for their community the crowd was prompted to join in on the dancing fun. Free health screenings were also provided.

Columbus State University’s Continuing Education Department also had a hand in the Day of Dance this year. Many of the staff and instructors showed up to lend their support for the cause. Pedro Rodriguez was there showing the people Latin dance moves to keep that heart strong, while Richard Martinez kept feet moving by introducing Zumba to the crowd. Other participating instructors were Mousumi Bhandary, who brought an exotic twist with Indian style dancing, and Crystaline Mabry who showed everyone how to move with that Hip Hop rhythm. Maria Hirsch and the CSU Ballet Conservatory also brought the graceful flow of ballet to the event. It was a very entertaining day!

The primary goal of the event was to show the community that there are other ways to be healthy versus the typical workout routine. Simply do a dance when you get the chance, and that makes all the difference. The Day of Dance was so much fun the Continuing Education Department will surely show their support next year. Check out this link if you want to see the excitement for yourself.

-Kindra Hunter

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