Dancing with the Columbus Stars

The 2nd annual gala fundraiser was a huge success, raising $160,000 for the local Alzheimer’s Association. The affair was held on May 7th in the River Mill Center and everyone agreed the bar was raised as far as the dance routines this year. Ten local stars were paired with ten pro dancers and voting was done through dollars donated. There were two categories of winners: The People’s Choice and the Judge’s Choice. People’s Choice Winner for 2010 was Jack Turner and pro dancer Alee Morrison. The Judge’s Choice Winner was Olivia Blanchard and pro dancer Shane Hall.

All ten local stars performed fantastic routines and the real winner of the evening was the Alzheimer’s Association. Space for rehearsals was provided by Contintuing Education at CSU and ballroom instructor Lee Briggs was again Dance Director for the fundraiser. 2011 promises to be an even more successful affair and people are already volunteering to participate!

The local government access channel will be broadcasting a video of the dance event in June. Be sure to keep your eyes open for more information on the 2011 event.

This article was contributed by Paulette Briggs. Thanks Paulette for the great information!


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