More Benefits Of Ballroom Dance

 As promised we are continuing to provide feedback from our Intermediate Ballroom students about the benefits of social dancing.  Kermit and Sue Cho Cox had this to say. “In addition to the benefits of having time together as a couple, we have also found ballroom dance to be a great form of exercise, both physical and mental. While the physical exercise is not strenuous, dancing provides noticeable aerobic benefit. Also, learning and, more importantly, remembering dance steps and combinations is great mental exercise.” Here are comments offered by a couple from our Entry Level class, Nicole Santos and Raymond McAllister: “My husband and I attended the ballroom dancing lessons and we HAD A BLAST!!! Lee and Paulette, our fabulous dance instructors, alsways came to class ready to show us how to move on the dance floor. They were both very encouraging and they always kept the instruction simple; we never thought the Waltz, Cha Cha, or Hustle could be so simple. By the end of five weeks we felt confident in our new found dance skills and the CD they provided us with will have us practicing and dancing for months to come.” 

Posted by-  Lee Briggs


One thought on “More Benefits Of Ballroom Dance

  1. Great post! Dancing in general is good for so many aspects of your life – some include:

    Get more fun and enjoyment out of your social life
    Enjoy increased self confidence
    Meet new people and make new friends
    Improve your overall health
    Feel more at ease in social situations
    Find the exercise and fitness you’ve wanted
    Make your partner happy
    Enjoy attending more parties
    Find your business relationships improving
    Acquire more grace and poise
    Dress up and have fun
    Overcome shyness
    Relieve stress
    Stand out on the dance floor
    Never say “no” to a dance invitation
    Discover recreation or entertainment in a new way
    Feel refreshed and relaxed

    That was taken from, an excellent provider of Ballroom dance lessons Valparaiso Indiana

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