Ballroom Dance Steps Into The Hearts of Participants

From health to happiness and together time for couples, the benefits of dancing are as numerous and as varied as the dancers themselves. We took a quick survey of some of the couples in the Intermediate Ballroom class on Tuesdays and here are a couple of the comments we received. We will be posting more of these comments from students in the future.

Jeff and Trina Macon have enjoyed learning to dance together and it is now their favorite hobby. “The more we practice the better our dance steps are and we feel we can make a dance look fun to do and learn. We have learned so much about dancing and thank you Lee for making it enjoyable.”

Richard and Rena Wilson had this to say: “Rena and I are often asked about our progress with dance lessons We have been taking from you for over three years and I believe that we have progressed a great deal from where we started. She prompted me for several months before I agreed to attempt to dance. We have thoroughly enjoyed dancing; it is a highly interactive endeavor for a couple. We get the time together, and when we complete dance steps, there is a feeling of accomplishment and teamwork. Dancing gives us another focus that is varied from dinner or watching movies together. You have provided us recorded music to practice our dancing, and your encouragement is always appreciated. Finally, our dancing lessons are a pleasant distraction from our hectice schedules, and we look forward to the lessons weekly. See you Tuesday.

Why not register for either Introduction to Ballroom on Thursday evenings (Carolina Shag and Rumba) or Intermediate Ballroom on Tuesday evenings (Argentine Tango and West Coast Swing). Classes will begin in mid-September and you will soon discover the benefits of ballroom dancing for yourself!

Posted by- Lee Briggs


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